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RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.01 Full With Keygen

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RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.01 Full With Keygen | RonyaSoft Poster Designer (Forge Poster) adalah aplikasi profesional yang dirancanguntuk desain cepat dan mudah poster kustom menarik, spanduk dan tanda-tanda.Perangkat lunak ini dikirim dengan koleksi ready-to-menggunakan template poster.Atau, Anda dapat membuat poster dari awal atau desain sendiri template poster untukdigunakan lebih lanjut.

Posters and banners may be printed directly on a home or office printer, exported to an image files to be printed by a print service provider, or used in the Internet (myspace, livejournal, flickr, etc.). Use an extra add-on (RonyaSoft Poster Printer) to print posters, banners and signs in big-size multipage format. 

You don't need to be a desktop publishing expert to create your own beautiful posters and banners. A convenient user-friendly interface allows to design posters even for computer beginners and makes work with Poster Designer a real pleasure. Customize each detail in predesigned templates the way you like it. 

For example, making a motivational poster, you can insert an inspirational image and text and use it as a daily motivator. Or, creating an old western "Wanted" poster, you can specify the criminal's photo, name and the reward - an excellent idea for a funny joke on your friend who you haven't seen for ages or a colleague who is always late for business meetings. What is more, you can design other pieces of graphics with help of this software, e.g. business cards, greeting cards, invitations. 

It doesn't matter whether you are going to create a funny poster or to make a banner for a significant event or to design a sign to sell real estate – the software will help you to do it in a few minutes. Impress your family, friends or officemates with your fresh, cool ideas - make your own brilliant posters!

Here are some key features of RonyaSoft Poster Designer (Poster Forge):

· WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) object editor
· Object rotation and transparency support
· Poster projects support
· Print Master with layout customizing
· Export to images
· Multipage printing
· Built-in ready-to-use predesigned poster templates
· Built-in clipart library
· Multilingual interface with Unicode support
· Amazing skins
· Metric and Imperial measurements (mm, cm, inch)


· Pentium III 1500
· 256 Mb RAM
· 50 Mb hard space
· Regular printer or plotter

What's New in This Release: 

· New 2 predesigned poster templates
· Armenian translation
· Full help file

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